The Jedi Temple is a dream.  It is a dream which we can use as the basis for work to make a real Temple.  With your help and donations, we can work to achieve this goal.

At this time the plan is to create a Jedi Temple with the following attributes:

  • Worldwide Access: The Temple will welcome guests from all around the world.
  • Retreat: The Jedi Temple will act as a religious retreat.  Jedi and guests can spend time at the Temple to “get their heads on straight.” Somewhere between a vacation resort, a training academy, and a church, the Temple will act as a place for spiritual contemplation, training, and meeting with like minded individuals.
  • Natural Beauty and Permanent Buildings: There will be spacious natural environment for wander and to utilize for a walking meditation as well as a solid and spacious building complex to house visitors and support staff.
  • Donation-Based Funding: No one will be turned away for failure to pay if we can help it.  The Temple will be funded by voluntary donation of all those who can contribute.  Suggested donation amounts will be based on the number of less fortuneate Jedi and the costs of running the Temple.
  • Safe Haven: The Temple will be a place of safety for all who seek it.
  • Training Academy: Co-located with the Jedi Temple will be a training Academy where those who feel called can go for training in the ways of the Jedi.
  • Worldwide Jedi Congress: The Jedi Temple will serve as a coordination and communications nexus for disparate and scattered Jedi organizations to gather and improve relations.

With YOUR help, we can make it happen.  What would this be worth to you?  $500?  $1000?  Please use the button to your right to donate what you can.