The path to becoming a real Jedi is not an easy one. It is not for everyone.

In fact, it is not a path for most people.

To be a real Jedi requires the utmost commitment.  If you just want to wear the robes and swing a ForceFX lightsaber around, The Jedi Council recommends you look into The Rebel Legion.  They are good people and they can guide you in that quest.

Becoming a real Jedi will take time and effort.  It will require that you look deep into your soul and make difficult changes in who you are.  You will be required to also look outward, to meditate on the big things and the little things.  You will learn intense calm through daily meditations.  You will push your body to its limits and beyond.  You will do the same with your mind.  These things will take years.

The Jedi way is not something most people can handle.

If you have a firm commitment, a strong character, and feel you have a destiny to become a Jedi, then the Jedi Temple would like to hear from you.  In the future, we will be offering training for apprentices of all ages.  Are you ready for the challenge?

This Jedi Temple will eventually offer an on-line course of study for basic Jedi training.  Students will be expected to keep in close contact to their assigned Jedi Master and the work will not be easy.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.