If You’re a Real Jedi, Where is Your Light Saber?

While taking the idea of the Jedi and making it a real philosophy was possible, the physics behind making a real light saber are a little more difficult.

To us, the light saber is a symbol more than a physical weapon.  It is a symbol of cutting through the darkness, of providing protection, illumination, and warmth to the Jedi. As a blade, the light saber cuts not just on one side, but all sides, thus symbolizing that no matter where the problem lies, a Jedi is ready to handle it.

If you stop to think about it, the fictional light sabers in the movies must be terribly dangerous things in untrained hands. Just look at how often amateur martial artists accidentally hit themselves with their practice weapons. Even many with training and experience do this from time to time, though usually with less impact. But with a light saber, you have a handle from which a beam of light extends. Anything this light touches gets sliced.

As such, the light saber, to us, is a symbol of mastering self-control. A Jedi must be in complete control, no matter what is going on. This is a life long lesson we all continue to study.

So to answer the question, my light saber is in my philosophy. It is a reminder of control, a guiding light, a source of power, and a tool. Some day, I may buy a model of a light saber in order to have a tangible reminder of this philosophy, but not yet.