Mind Control Begins at Home

Jedi are depicted in the movies as being able to control the minds of “weaker willed” people.  In the real world, we must begin our mastery of the mind by working on and improving our own minds.

The Mind and Body Working Together

By controlling his own mind, a Jedi can see through deceptions and interpret observations correctly.  Illusion fades.  We are thus able to spread the Light Side of The Force by shedding light in the situations around us.

Through meditation and other practices, we can learn to control our own minds first.  We can concentrate on the task at hand without losing sight of the “big picture” of what is going on around us.  This is essential as it leads to better chances of survival in all things.

We meditate on many things and in many ways – from walking meditations to working with our subconscious through dreams, we seek to master our own selves.  From there we can begin to spread the Light and make the world we live in and ultimately, the Universe, a better place.

When the Jedi can see through the illusions of the darkness, he can seem to have amazing powers of clairvoyance or insight or wisdom.  This is essential in being who we are.

From a Padawan’s earliest training, through a Master’s last actions, we continuously train our own minds to improve.  It is one of the most important acts we can do because it gives rise to all others: it is the foundation of everything we do.