A Surreligion

You’ve seen the movies. You’ve heard of the religious movement. Here at the Jedi Temple, we represent a real world surreligion for today’s Jedi.

What is a surreligion you ask? Well, the word itself is composed of “sur-” and “religion”. “Sur-” is a commonly used French based prefix meaning “above” or “on top of”. It is used here to denote that Jedi teachings are not in and of themselves, a religion. They are, rather, a form of practical mysticism which are meant to be applied on top of whatever your religious beliefs are.

Jediism is compatible with All faiths.
Jediism is compatible with All faiths.

You can be a Christian, Jewish, Hindu, agnostic, Pagan, or even an atheist Jedi.  It really matters not.  The teachings of the Jedi can be applied to your current religious beliefs.  Jediism is a set of philosophies and practices which are easily integrated into your religious beliefs and can be quite complimentary.

There is no reason to give up your beliefs in order to become a Jedi.  Jediism does not restrict your prayers, practices, diet, or even prescribed clothing for your religion.  There is no conflict.

While Jediism is not for everyone, it restricts who can be a Jedi by your training, your strength of character, your growth, and your goodness.  It does not restrict by religion any more than by the circumstances of your birth.

If you feel like you stand out above the crowd, that you have a greater destiny in The Force, then please contact the Jedi Council for more information.